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  • Welcome to Western Colorado Heritage

  • Welcome to Western Colorado Heritage.  Here you can find information about the rich prehistoric and cultural heritage of the Western Slope’s Public Lands. 


    Over 35% of Colorado is Public Land, much of this in western Colorado.  This is land managed in trust by various federal and state land management agencies.  These lands are not only diverse in natural beauty, but also in its pre-historic and historic riches.


    Our desire is that through these pages, you will be exposed to the rich variety of prehistoric and cultural heritage that is found on the Public Land within western Colorado.  Hopefully, these pages will inspire you to experience these wonders in person.


    We also hope you can appreciate the hard work that goes into conserving, protecting, and sharing the Public Lands with you.  We also hope you will learn to visit these lands with respect.


    Visit our partners for more information on their specific roles.

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